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Dedication to our values
We develop well-intentioned and just relationship with all our consumers and business partners based on creation of mutual values. We oversee the international ethical and legal principles regarding our business. Consideration is given to the benefit of the society as well as the consequences that may affect the future generations in all our activities. Preservation of the natural and cultural resources of our country and the world is our strong commitment as is our mission for encouraging the environmental awareness in all of our communication grounds.

Transparency is a principal values in our communication with our customers, business partners, and employees. What we can express and what we cannot is always clearly stated. Our way of communication is always open, and we explain the reasons for the inconveniency when we are unable to make open statements. Accountability is a key asset in our activities. We always provide truthful information to our customers, business partners, and to the public.

Will to succeed
Will to succeed, a common attribute for all Orzaks employees, is a fundamental value on which our corporate rises. Our employees have strong motivation for achieving better goals and excellence as well as challenging themselves and others for higher targets. This is a key sufficiency providing us with the ability to compete and to realize our targets.

Satisfaction Oriented
Maximum satisfaction of our business partners and consumers choosing our products is a very important priority. From the viewpoint of Orzaks employees, happiness represents the most important element that keeps us together.

Our distinctive characteristics making a difference in the field, our flexibility in creating solutions, and our ability to generate solutions that make a difference through the use of unique approaches are a direct consequence of our creativeness. Our paradigm-shifting approach in our products, services and processes allow continuous development, giving us the pleasure of providing added value to the sector.

Sustainable growth
Since our first day of establishment, adding international value to our country, Turkey, has been a major priority. Orzaks has been taking firm steps forward by producing its own brands rather than being a sole distributer, and thus, is now a leading company with exports to many other countries. Our vision is based on increasing the exports rather than imports to increase foreign exchange inflow, to obtain added value, and access to the global market with our own brands, which will pave the way for Turkey with a strong future.