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There is an ever increasing trend for the popularity of therapeutic, supplemental or preventive OTC products with established safety, as a means for supporting the conventional modern medical management. In the fast pace of life and work of today’s environment, nutraceuticals may prove to be necessary and may play an important role as a means of treatment or supportive therapy as well as for improved quality of nutrition for maintenance of “well-being” and for the alleviation of illnesses, especially when one considers the reduced nutritional quality of both plant and animal based food sources than in the past.

High concentrations of pesticides in fruits and vegetables, hormone regulators, and other chemicals in animal based food place a limitation on the nutritional value of these items, making safe OTCs a significant and strong alternative for “filling the gap”.

OTC products containing many different active ingredients, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, etc. with efficacy confirmed through scientific research allow a wide spectrum of use for supplementation of people with compounds that cannot be adequately consumed through daily nutrition or that cannot be adequately produced by our body.