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The term OTC (Over the Counter) literally means selling over the counter. However, this term is also used for preventive or hygienic products, or products that are used as an aid to treatment, which have proven safety and therapeutic effect as a supportive or preventative therapy, and which can be sold and used without the recommendation or prescription by a health care professional, in contrast to prescription-only products. OTC frequently include the “nutritional supplements/nutraceuticals” prepared also in pharmaceutical forms, which show efficacy in certain diseases or conditions based on scientific data or traditional use, with endorsement of safety as provided by the licenses issued by the relevant ministry in our country. Despite some variance between countries, OTCs generally include simple cough remedies in the form of syrups, analgesics, cold remedies, gastrointestinal products, smoking cessation aids, weight loss products, skin care products, vitamin/mineral supplements, ocean water, omega-3 preparations, as well as herbal products, with established safety.