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Black Seed Oil – Benefits To Check

Black Seed Oil – Benefits To Check

Black seeds, also known as black cumin or kalonji, are widely touted for their outstanding health benefits. These seeds are obtained from a small plant called Nigella sativa that is extensively found in Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Western Asia. These seeds are used to make black seed oil that is known for its many therapeutic benefits. 

The black seed oil has been used in traditional herbalism for over 2,000 years. Some studies suggest that this oil has numerous applications for health disorders such as asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, high cholesterol, etc. It can even be applied topically to help rejuvenate the skin and nourish hair. 

In this article, we will look at the various benefits of this oil for health. 

Noteworthy Benefits of Black Seed Oil

Boosts Immune System

Black cumin seed oil is known to offer robust immune system benefits. It serves as a strong immune modulator that keeps the system in check at all times. The oil exhibits powerful antioxidant properties that protect the body cells against damage caused by free radicals. 

Besides, the oil reduces inflammation in the body and stimulates appropriate immune function, leading to improved protection against deadly infections. Also, the oil helps to ease the symptoms of cough, common cold, and bronchitis. All in all, it is a powerful ingredient for the immune system that benefits in several ways, especially when it comes to respiratory health. 

May Help to Get Relief From Asthma

Asthma is a chronic illness that affects the inside layer of the airways. The lining swells and the muscles around them tighten, making it very difficult to breathe. 

The black seed oil contains thymoquinone. This is an important ingredient that reduces inflammation around the airways and relaxes the muscles. It may help to ease the symptoms of asthma and provide relief. 

May Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

High blood sugar is a big problem that significantly increases the risk of various diseases such as eye disease, kidney disease, and stroke. It may even lead to several adverse symptoms such as fatigue, unintentional weight loss, increased thirst, and difficulty in concentrating. 

A couple of studies conducted suggest that 2 grams of crushed black feminized seeds may help to lower blood sugar levels over a period of 2-3 months. 

May Help To Reduce Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Levels

The black seed oil has shown humongous potential in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels. These two are significant risk factors for heart disease. The oil helps neutralize lipid oxidation and decreases the impact of oxidized LDL cholesterol, a major trigger for heart attacks and strokes. 

The incredible oil also reduces high blood pressure in people. A study conducted concluded that 2.5mL of the oil twice a day significantly reduced blood pressure without any adverse effects. 

Reduces Skin Allergy

Black seed oil serves as an antihistamine that helps to reduce the awful symptoms of allergy. The oil contains thymoquinone that exhibits excellent analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is a potent antioxidant that cleans up the toxins from the body. 

Apart from a skin allergy, black cumin oil is also shown to benefit people suffering from acne. 

Helps to Fight Obesity

According to a study, the black seed oil is shown to help people reduce their body mass index (BMI) without causing any severe side effects. All the participants of the study experienced a decline in their LDL cholesterol levels, triglycerides. There was also a significant change in the waist circumference. 

But despite these promising results, more research is required on the long-term efficacy and safety of consuming black seed oil for fighting obesity. 

May Have Cancer-Fighting Properties

Black seed oil is full of antioxidants that help to neutralize the impact of dangerous free radicals in the body. These radicals may contribute to the development of severe ailments such as cancer. 

Some studies have found that black cumin oil has anti-cancer effects, owing to the presence of thymoquinone. This compound has been found to induce cell death in blood cancer cells. 

Wrapping Up

The black seed oil has been associated with a plethora of health benefits. The oil can be ingested in the form of a pill or a liquid. Additionally, it can be topically applied to the skin and hair. 

You can consult with your healthcare practitioner before taking any black seed oil supplements. He will help you understand the right dosage for your specific body. 

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