Black Seed Oil: Capsules vs Liquid

Black Seed Oil: Capsules vs Liquid

The usage of black seed oil is increasing as scientific studies continue to unveil its potential health benefits. This oil, which has been in use for hundreds of years in Asia and the Middle East, is now produced and distributed to various parts of the world. The oil is extracted from the seeds of the Black Seed (Nigella sativa) plant which is native to the Middle East, Asia and Eastern Europe.

Black seed oil is a common ingredient in many products such as lotions, soaps and shampoos. However, those seeking to reap even more of its potential benefits can purchase black seed oil in the form of black seed oil capsules or in its raw liquid form. Either of these forms provides you with access to black seed oil and its potential benefits. However, it is important to choose a form that will work best for you. The following are some factors to consider.

Your goals: What do you hope to achieve by using black seed oil? Are you looking to boost your immune system? Do you want to apply it topically as part of your beauty regimen? Consider what you want to achieve by using black seed oil. This will help you determine which form would work best for you. For example, if you’re interested in its potential health and wellness benefits and want to use it as a nutritional supplement, you may prefer black seed oil softgels capsules. If you want to apply it topically as well as ingest it, pure oil in liquid form would be a good option.

Your lifestyle: You should choose a form that will fit in well with your lifestyle. Do you travel a lot? You may prefer capsules as these are easy to travel with. You can pack them without worrying about spills. They will ensure you are consistent with your dosage.

Ease of use: Which form is easy to incorporate into your lifestyle? Some people prefer capsules as they come in pre measured doses. You don’t have to keep measuring out your dosage. You simply take the number of capsules that meet your daily requirement. Oils offer a lot of flexibility. You can mix them into other products such oils and lotions or foods such as honey. You can increase or reduce your dosage based on your desired results as well as the effects the oil is having on you.

Personal preference: There is no evidence showing that capsules or liquids will give different results. None is superior to the other. Some people prefer liquid form while others prefer capsules. Some people will prefer to take capsules to avoid the bitter taste of black seed oil. Others have a phobia for ingesting pills and may prefer to put up with the bitter taste and avoid having to take whole capsules.

Things to look for when buying black seed oil: Whichever form of black seed oil you choose to buy it is important to look out for the following features:

  1. Premium ingredients – Choose a product that features high quality ingredients. It should be free from pesticides, herbicides and other potentially harmful chemicals. The ingredients should have been carefully sourced. It should also be free of artificial flavors, chemical preservatives and GMOs.
  2. Cold-pressed – The oil should be cold-pressed. This method of extracting oil reduces damage to bioactive products. It ensures higher potency of the oil. You will reap more benefits from using cold-pressed products.
  3. Purity – Check to ensure that you’re purchasing a product that consists of 100 percent pure black seed oil. It should have any fillers, additives or preservatives.

Want to reap the potential benefits of black seed oil? Use the tips above to determine which form of black seed oil will best suit your needs.

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