Can You Take Black Seed Oil While Pregnant?

Can You Take Black Seed Oil While Pregnant?

Black seed has always been hyped as a miraculous herb. This is because of its medicinal attributes. It is believed that the plant has been used to make medicine for a thousand years. The plant is commonly found in native Asia and the Mediterranean. Black seed oil pills can promote health in a lot of ways, including boosting the immune system, reducing swelling and lessening allergic reactions. With such attributes, black seeds have been commonly used as alternative medicine by many people across the world. However, there has always been a debate on whether pregnant women should take black seed oil or not. 

Can you take black seed while pregnant? This is a question that lingers in the mind of most women. And the answer is yes. Black seed oil can be taken by pregnant women. However, taking larger amounts of black seed oil is unsafe. In General, using black seeds oil in the short term and in low amounts has not been linked to any side effects.  

How Pregnant Women Should Consume Black Seed Oil?

Black seed oil is available in various forms, which means it can be consumed in a lot of ways. For instance, there are black seed oil pills that can be swallowed. Such pills are available at the Orzax health store. Black seed oil can also be made in liquid form, where an individual can take one teaspoon at a time. The oil can also be used as a food additive and consumed together with food.

For pregnant women, one needs to be cautious when taking black seed oil. First and foremost, the oil supplement should be taken in very low amounts. In addition, those who don’t have skin allergies can apply it to their skin. One should take black seed oil either in the morning when you just wake up or at night before you go to sleep.

Benefits of Black Seed Oil and Can You Take Black Seed Oil While Pregnant?

Even though there are still no direct benefits of black seed oil to pregnant women, there are indirect benefits that can be linked to black seed oil. On some occasions, pregnancy can cause obesity in women. 

Black seed oil can help improve health for such women by reducing the risk factors. Black seed helps in weight loss; hence it is necessary for women who gain a lot of weight during pregnancy.

Black seed oil can also improve the health condition of diabetic pregnant women. Poor management of diabetes during pregnancy increases the probability of child defects and pregnancy problems. Therefore, black seed can be beneficial to diabetic pregnant women as it can increase blood and cholesterol levels in the body.

Side Effects of Black Seed Oil on Pregnant Women: Pregnant women can take black seed oil pills in foods and small amounts. Taking the oil supplements in large amounts is highly unsafe. For example, large amounts of black seed can stop the uterus from contracting. In addition, black seed oil can cause miscarriage for some women. The other side effect is that women applying black seed oil directly on their skin can contact dermatitis or have an allergic skin rash.

For these reasons, before a pregnant lady starts using black seed, she should talk to a health care provider. After consulting the health care provider, she should look no further than the Orzax health store for good quality black seed oil.

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