Do Iron Pills Make Your Stool Black?

Do Iron Pills Make Your Stool Black?

It’s quite scary going to the bathroom, then seeing black poop just before you flush. This is due to the fact that black stool has a particular look and is most commonly caused by eating certain meals, drugs, and gastrointestinal bleeding.

Iron pills? Black stool is a common side effect of taking iron pills. Taking iron supplements can cause digestive changes in most people which can range from constipation to diarrhea. Finding the right iron pills and taking the right dosage can help alleviate digestive issues and increase compliance. So, you might be wondering why stool darken when taking iron pills and here are some of the reasons.

Does iron pills make your stool black?

Iron pills can change the color of your stool to a greenish or grayish black. This is a common side effect that is a result of unabsorbed iron. Not only is this normal, some physician consider it to be a sign that the supplementation is effective.  This means that if your stool doesn’t turn dark, it is possible that your supplement is not being absorbed properly.

The reason why your stool turns dark when using iron pills is because of the active agent in iron pills known as Bismuth Subsalicylate. The pills can turn the color of your stool to dark. Color change in the stool is normal. But certain color changes are cause for alarm. If you are having problems with the colour of your stool, you should visit the doctor.

Digestion of Iron: Once you ingest iron supplements, the first common side effect of iron supplements you are likely to experience is digestion changes. Iron is normally absorbed in the body immediately after ingestion. At this point, you should start monitoring the color and consistency of your stool. This will help you know if the supplements have been absorbed or not.

Changes in Stool Color: One way to know if the iron pills you are using are effective is by looking at changes in stool color. The best iron pills will cause stool to darken. According to the University of Florida Health, the darkening of stool can be a desirable consequence. If your stool does not turn black, then there are high chances the supplement you are using is not effectively being absorbed. However, this is not true because if you take Orzax Liposomal iron your stool will not turn black. This is common with coated supplements that are designed for long-term use. Those having trouble getting effective short-term iron supplements can visit Orzax's online health store.

Remedies to Dark Stool: As long as you are using iron supplements, especially in the short term, your stool will remain black. One way to remedy this side effect is to avoid taking iron supplements. This is possible if you increase iron intake in foods.

Some of the food that contains large amounts of iron include red meat, fish, green vegetables, and legumes. Iron present in the food will not change the color of your stool in the way a supplement will. You should eat food rich in iron together with those rich in vitamin C to increase iron absorption.

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