How to Take Black Seed Oil?

How to Take Black Seed Oil?

Do you want to know black seed oil pills? Scientists from all over the world have studied the black seed extensively throughout the years. You will notice that when you bite a black seed, it bites you back. Black seed oil, on the other hand, is extremely bitter, making it difficult to swallow and even more difficult to incorporate into one's daily routine.

Many of the traditional remedies involved taking black seeds with honey; however, with time, people have found new ways to use black seeds. The method you use to take black seed will depend on the benefits you want to see. The good news is that there are a few ways you can reduce the bitter flavor when taking black seed oil.

Below are different ways how to take black seed oil;

Take it Neat: If you’re looking to boost your immunity, you should take black seed oil either neat or by the spoonful. Believe it or not, some people prefer taking black seed oil on its own, no matter how bitter it tastes. Even though you might find it too bitter, taking it this way is the easiest solution since you don’t need anything else on hand.

Capsule Form: People can also ingest black seed oil in capsule form. This is the best form for people who cannot handle the taste of this oil. If you are buying the capsule form of black seed oil, it is highly recommended to choose a high-quality ingredient that doesn’t have any added ingredients. Check out Orzax's online site for the best black seed oil capsules. These capsules feature cold-pressed black seed oil, a method that ensures the bioactive compounds are not damaged.

Home Dressing: If you enjoy cooking and playing around with flavors, then you can use black seed oil as a flavoring or finishing oil. Basically, you can incorporate the oil into anything you would normally top with aromatic oil. You can use it in dressing, add it to smoothies or even drizzle it over grain dishes. All you have to ensure is that you don’t sprinkle more than the recommended daily serving and avoid adding it to anything hot as it will degrade the nutrients.

Mix with Honey and Warm Water: The other way to take black seed oil is by mixing it with honey and some warm water. Take a teaspoon of honey and mix it into a glass of warm water. Then add your organic black seed oil to the mixture then drink it on an empty stomach 30 minutes before breakfast. This will allow the honey and black seed oil mixture to be fully absorbed by the body before any other substances are introduced.

Mix with Lemon or Orange Juice: Due to its strong taste, you may decide to take it with lemon juice. Just mix a tablespoon of this oil with a teaspoon of lemon or orange juice.

Conclusion: There are many opinions about how one should take black seed oil. A lot of people can confirm that the flavor is strong and sometimes very intense, but that will depend on who tries it out. Others don't care much about the taste as they get used to it and rather focus more on the benefits they are getting.

It is important to note that if you want to keep this oil's nutritional value, then avoid heating it because the fatty acids and main compounds can break down and lose their qualities at high temperatures. Also, since the dosage highly depends on the use, it's best to see your healthcare provider for specific dosing advice.

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