Where to Buy Black Seed Oil Capsules?

Where to Buy Black Seed Oil Capsules

Nigella Sativa or black seed is a small flowering plant that is native to Western Asia, Northern Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. The flowering shrub produces fruits which contain small black seeds. You may have come across these aromatic black seeds in your local bakery. They are often sprinkled on top of bread. But did you know that these little black seeds are the source of oil that has been used for many ailments for over 2000 years?

Black seed oil is extracted from the seeds of the Nigella sativa plant. This oil is rich in various vitamins, antioxidants and minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin B and vitamin A. The oil is an especially rich source of thymoquinone. This antioxidant is considered the active ingredient in black seed oil. It is not only an effective soothing agent but also has been shown to have many potential health benefits including aiding in the management of fever, flu, headache, cough, inflammation, diabetes, asthma and high blood pressure.

Where to Buy Black Seed Oil Capsules?

Are you wondering where to buy black seed oil? The demand for black seed oil has increased as more people recognize the benefits of using this oil. You no longer have to go to a dedicated health food store to purchase black seed oil. There are many brands that manufacture, distribute and sell black seed oil online and in brick and mortar stores. Here’s how you can know that you’re purchasing high quality black seed oil.

  • Make sure the ingredients are high quality: It is important to buy high quality black seed oil. This is black seed oil that is manufactured from plants that are grown with care to ensure that they are not exposed to pesticides, herbicides and other harmful chemicals. The plants shouldn’t be GMO either.
  • Buy cold pressed oil: Ensure that the black seed oil you purchase is cold pressed. This method of extraction ensures that the bioactive compounds in the oil are not damaged during its extraction from the seeds. Cold pressed oils have a higher percentage of active compounds. You will benefit much more from their use.
  • Check the source: It is important to ensure that the black seed oil is sourced from plants grown in areas where they are native to. Areas such as the Middle East, Northern Africa, Eastern Europe and Western Asia are known to produce black seed oil with high levels of thymoquinone (the active compound in black seed oil). Black seed oil is likely to be more potent if extracted from plants grown in these regions.
  • Stored in a dark container: Whether you’re purchasing oil in capsule form or as a tincture, choose a product that is stored in a dark container such as an amber glass container or other light proof container. This reduces damage to the oil’s structure by light or heat. The product will remain potent for longer.
  • Buy products tested by independent third party laboratories: The best way to ascertain that you’re purchasing a pure and potent product is by purchasing a product that has been tested by an independent third party laboratory. Independent testing laboratories provide confirmation of the purity and quality of the products.
  • Check reviews: It is also important to check reviews on the product. What do customers say about the product? Did they have good results with it? Did they have a good experience with the seller? Have there been complaints? How did the seller or brand address these complaints?

Are you searching for black seed oil? Use the tips above to ascertain that you’re purchasing a high quality and potent product from a reliable source.


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